Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Daily Forex Brief London: Wednesday 23rd May 2012

The dollar index made a new high for the year yesterday, 3.8% higher than the level seen at the start of the month. This follows on from two sessions of downward pressure on the dollar, which was more down to the extent of short positioning on some of currencies under pressure for most of the month. As we start the European session, EUR/USD itself is not that far off the lows for the year at 1.2624 as EU leaders meet for an informal summit in Brussels. Germany is looking increasingly isolated with its austerity - with no Plan B stance - and continues to rule out any sort of common debt for the eurozone. This summit is designed to shape the plans around the next formal summit at the end of June, so don't expect any major statements, but the surrounding comments will be key in shaping the debate ahead of that meeting. For now, currencies look set to reflect the theme of dollar dominance once again, with stock markets seen heading lower in Europe after the recent breather.

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