Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What is a Runtime Error?

Runtime errors are glitches or problems that occur when a computer program is executed. Because a wide range of errors is usually grouped under the collective term of a runtime error, the operating system usually provides some information about the nature of the error that has occurred. The message provides the end user or the technician with some idea of what component has failed to launch properly, and provides a starting point for seeking resolution to the issue.

A runtime error may occur due to some serious corruption within the program, or it could simply be a one time event that can be overcome by simply rebooting the program and starting over. However, when the runtime error continues to appear consistently, that is an indication that a permanent issue exists, and should be addressed as soon as possible.

How Do I Report A Runtime Error?

If you are at work and experience a runtime error with your workstation, your first option is to reboot the machine and see if you experience the same error a second time. It is not unusual for system support people to try this first as a way of clearing out whatever caused the runtime error, so it generally won't hurt to try it yourself. If this doesn't work, then it is time to call for technical support.

In order to assist the support team in dealing with the runtime error, it is a good idea for you to record basic information about the nature of the error. The first component you should make note of is the error message you receive along with the numerical designation of the runtime error. Be sure to copy the text of the message error exactly as it appears on your screen. Do not attempt to summarize the content of substitute words in the text. Runtime error messages are standardized and providing the support team with the correct information will make it much easier to fix the issue. <

Whats Going to Be The Video Game News For 08?

Even if the PS3 came out with a bit of a slow start in 2007 don't let that fool you... the PS3 is just gearing up for a great year with some expected hot releases. Here's a rundown of three games coming out in '08.. EA's NFL Tour, Free Radical Design's HAZE, and Konami's Coded Arms Assault.

NFL Tour

Coming from EA Sport's BIG division is what can be considered a bit of a spin-off of their hit series NFL Street. They've gotten rid of the streets and beaches in favor of larger spectacle arenas. No more playing with barrels and street side walls, you're playing in front of huge crowds with pyrotechnics and the whole 9 yards. There are some advancements in gameplay as well - if a player initiates contact you are given an opportunity to break through the tackle, trip up the receiver or give your hit a little extra "umph". Street players will see the familiar "Gamebreaker" power-ups, and much of the game is left unchanged otherwise but an upgrade on the look of the graphics. This game is expected to drop on January 8th so get ready for it!


Playing as a recruit of a corporate army owned by a large supposedly peace-keeping organization Mantel you are expected to play this game through atleast twice. Why twice? Well once on both sides obviously, this is because playing on Mantel's side your realize that you along with your fellow soliders are randomly pumped up with a drug called Nectar, but this leads to some unexpected consequences. The other time through you take the side of the rebels you so viciously were fighting. With some great looking graphics and AI that apparently doesn't feel useless... this gem is being released stateside January 18t

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SEO Link Generation

Status: Open 
Selected Providers:
Budget: $30-$250 USD
Created: 03/29/2011 at 18:53 PKT
Project Creator: fluidmx United Kingdom
Last Login: Today 18:50 PKT


Need basic off site SEO using white-hat techniques. Need to build permanent one way links from relevant sites and link directories. Any other suggestion for off site SEO is also welcome

SEO Off Site
1.Backlink building according to the keywords and competitor score
2.Link building must be one way link.
3. Link Must be permanent.
4. Submitting url to directories like Dmoz.
5. Also we want to achieve page rank 5-6
6. Articles to be provided
7. All work to be done via email account specified and provided by us.
8. Links must be added over 4 weeks so Google doesn't treat them as spam links. Weekly report must be provided

Before bidding read this
1. This is only for serious bidder
2. You must be an expert and must have good review, we read each review and will check its credential.
3. You must have alteast done 5 SEO projects   

Saturday, 26 March 2011

IMACRO & Application Development for Data Scraping...

  • Posted: Thu, Mar 24, 2011                    
  • Budget: Less than $500
  • Fixed Price Job
  • Guaranteed with Elance Escrow
  • W9 Not Required    
  • Time Left: 5d, 3h
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Start: Immediately
Developer’s skill set needed:

- Understand iMacros (software and use) and proficient development with iMacros commands and variables (iOpus products) if we are going with Option #1 (see software manual here)
- Scripting Language – C++ programming/JavaScript/VBscript/Perl – whichever is more commonly used.
- Web Applications/Development
- .Net Development
- Web and Data Scraping Procedures (data processing)
- Software Architecture/XML/PHP/HTML/AJAX/JAVA/C# - Backend and GUI development expertise needed.

Work description:

We are looking for an experienced programmer/developer with advanced expertise in iMacros, web and application development. Currently, we have a set of manual procedures that our VA runs through once a week gathering foreclosure publication data, and entering the data into an excel spreadsheet on a weekly basis. We are interesting in automating these procedures by using the iMacros tool to develop templates to mimic the human interactions with various county websites that we work with in our manual procedures. We need a master scripting guru who is proficient with using the iMacros software to be able to write action scripts and customize the iMacros commands to perform and automate each step in our manual procedures.

The websites we deal with are a bit complex in terms of structure – so advance scripting knowledge is required (i.e. we need to be able to automate the task of running a query on a specific website, propagating through a list of the search results, capturing specific text in the foreclosure publication and looping for every record in the search result). The script/macros will need to be written dynamically to support any data or website content changes. There is a set of about 12 procedures with approximately 6 having unique procedures.

In addition, iMacros is NOT able to perform the same extraction/text recognition recording on a pdf file. A few of the websites in our procedures offer the foreclosure data publication via a pdf attachment. We need a developer to come up with a design and a solution to develop this functionality and integrate the solution with iMacros’ scripts.

We already have an existing text-scrapping program that the developer can use as a foundation to build from. How the program currently works is that it requires manually pasting a publication text before parsing the data into excel with the correct format. This task will need to be automated. Ultimately. the goal is to be able to run a single program to initiate the macro/scripts and capture/process data on the web or text files with little or no interaction by the User, automatically. If the software can automate the existing manual procedures, export/parse the data and perform calculations, send the final data to defined users, and do so without any errors, then it meets project requirements. Example of end data results with notes/comments and additional details will be submitted to the selected bidder.

At a high-level, this project contains 4 major tasks:

1. Customize scripts/macros to automate the manual tasks in our procedure using the iMacros platform.
2. Develop a plug-in or a program to scrap text offline and from any text file – pdf, html, .doc, not just websites. Then integrate this solution with iMacros scripts or vice versa.
3. Develop an excel plug-in or script to parse data into the format required, perform data calculation, categorize list into new worksheet based on attributes.
4. Schedule an automatic delivery of parsed/final data to recipients per county or a master list with data from all counties merged.

H-L Functional Requirements will be provided to selected bidder.

Recover password protected file from a site and get password

Status: Open 
Selected Providers:                                                           Project Creator: DavidLingseng Argentina
Budget: $250-$750 USD
Created: 03/26/2011 at 12:09 PKT  


Hi, I need someone to recover the password for a file I uploaded to which contains important documents and unfortunalely I can't download it since there are no surveys in available in the country I am residing in at the moment (Argentina) .

The documents inside are vital to an upcoming trial appeal for one of my clients in the UK in 60 days so time is important to me.

Thank You

David Lingseng

Job Type


    Friday, 25 March 2011

    Plan to Create a New Franchise Website

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD                                                       Project Creator: howyoufranchise British Indian Ocean Territory
    Created: 03/25/2011 at 22:34 PKT  


    We plan to create a new franchise website that explain the main concept of franchise along with our services in this field. I have no idea how to start and which we should write. We need someone who has good experience in creating that besides prepare and design the company's profile. Both need to be attractive and containing animations, pictures, flash, and any other things you suggest.
    let me know if you have any questions.

    Seo member of to google

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: min $5000 USD
    Created: 03/25/2011 at 17:44 PKT                                                       Project Creator: tradetuber China   



    Thanks for your reply and honest to your work on this cooperation

    Yes. we are agree with you solution that is the pay for the seo performance

    as we known ,we ( are going to seo our members about 1000 with 3-5 products keywords to their sub domain on such as below the keywords maybe set to toner catridge china suppliers ect

    we will test the result as our first step . all that charges are paid by tradeutber at first . if our member get happy with our result .then we will ask them to pay for that kind of service for our second term as per their needs

    we need the top 10 position on for eah keywords budget is 10USD /MONTH each member we are going to have 5- 3 keywords

    we are warmly welcome any seo expert can cooperate with us ,pls send the email to cooperation(x)tradetuber dot com



    Job Type

    I need sellers for marketing services 20% commission

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:                                                                        Project Creator: javibf4ever Spain 
    Created: 03/25/2011 at 5:32 EDT



    I am looking for sellers for my marketing services. I am open to any proposals. I will accept any method of sale, either ebay, through advertisements on forums, blogs, facebook, twitter or whatever. Each vendor will take a commission of 20% of our products to be paid weekly by paypal. Our prices range from $ 50 to 600.

    I´ll send a document with all the information about prices and conditions to anyone interested.


    Job Type


    Manual Blog Commenting

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD
    Created: 03/25/2011 at 5:30 EDT


    I'm looking for someone who provide the blog commenting service (captch system), I have 20 blogs and need 10 comments in total per blog.

    Please bid for total of 200 comments, if you are good, we hire you again !

    No Spam comment
    No blackhat SEO.
    Very important, the bolg comment must need to be related to the article, it must be creative and it must add value.
    blog comments which are not fullfilling this requirements will be deleted, I will check each comment.




    Job Type

    Thursday, 24 March 2011

    100-125 Facebook fans for US Page

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD
    Created: 03/25/2011 at 0:43 PKT  


    Looking to get some fans for a US Facebook page.

    All fans should be from USA

    Requirements for this project:
    -All Fans must be REAL PEOPLE with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended. ABSOLUTELY NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
    -All fans must have a minimum of 50+ friends.
    -All fans must be the age of 18 and over.
    -All fans must be active and have logged in within the past 15 days.
    -All fans must have their status updated within the past 30 days.
    -ABSOLUTELY NO fans are allowed to be spammers or risk of having their accounts deleted.
    -ABSOLUTELY NO fans with illegal pictures, pornography or any content that will jeopardize their accounts deleted.
    -ABSOLUTELY NO fans that will risk my fan page being deleted.
    -Please use good practices for inviting fans. (Facebook account must not be banned/deleted for your actions. It should always be kept active. If Facebook account is not complete there will be no payment for this project.

    100% of payment will be put into escrow upon project acceptance. The escrow will be released when quoted number of fans are present and account is still in good standing after 5 days.

    Additional Information:
    Will only accept bidders with previous experience (in Freelancer feedback)

    Job Type

    OpenCart - Product input and ordering via XML

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD
    Created: 03/24/2011 at 18:08 PKT


    We're building a new online shop based on OpenCart, we need someone to write code to grab product information from an XML feed, also order through XML and get order status.
    The XML feed includes all the information needed including image urls, prices, etc to populate the shop with products.
    The code needs to update stock levels every hour and add/remove products every 24 hours.
    We basically want this shop to be as automated as possible; Customer browses products on shop from XML feed, orders through XML, our supplier receives order and ships to our customer.

    Details/Instructions from our supplier attached as PDF.

    Please provide details of previous work through PM and keep in mind if you bid a decent price we will have more work for you in future.

    Additional files submitted:


    Job Type


    Russian language Website Creation, Development, On-Page SEO

    Status: Open
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $250-$750 USD
    Created: 03/24/2011 at 13:57 PKT


    Russian Website Creation & On-Page SEO of a site on 'India Travel'

    Designing, Content Development, Site Development, On-Page SEO

    I am looking for someone who can build a website in Russian language with On-Page SEO.

    1) Russian website on a theme 'Travel to India' and do the On-page SEO of the site.

    2) Content need to be developed by the project winner. If needed some content in English will be provided.

    3) Simple HTML webpages will do. I don't need anything to by dynamic.

    4) Appropriate meta tags also need to be written and other On-Page SEO activities like title, meta description, meta keyword, keyword density etc

    Note: theme of site is 'Travel to India' focused on the travelers who are looking to visit India.

    Following points need to be covered in the website:
    a) Famous destinations of India
    b) Tourist attractions of India
    c) Things to do in India
    d) Famous cities, hill stations, national parks etc
    e) 5-8 travel packages of which 1-honeymoon tour package, 1- golden triangle tour package, 1-Rajasthan Tour package, 1-Kerala tour package are compulsary
    f) Enquiry Now page which should be very appealing and clear and will contain the enquiry form which I will provide.

    Still if you want to know more, I want a russian language site similar to this site:


    Job Type

    Forum Post- Online Marketing/Link building/Deals

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD

     Created: 03/24/2011 at 13:42 PKT



    I have two nice video game DVD & consoles deals and I need you find 20 most popular deal forums like and submit posting to each websites. (I will give you two links)

    Please let me know your rates for 20 websites.

    I hope this will be the beginning of our long term cooperation.

    Thank you.


    Job Type

    Wednesday, 23 March 2011

    Web-Site - Project

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $750-$1500 USD
    Created: 03/24/2011 at 10:11 PKT


    Whelan Property Group is seeking to update their current website. Phase one of the project has been completed and involved consolidating platforms and moving the website to one chosen platform (Word Press).
    Phase one uncovered the need for additional work. The scope of this project includes;
    General Updates:
    - Some additions to the page templates (footer and header)
    - Locking of the “copy” (Cntrl+C) function on all pages to block the public from being able to copy and paste Whelan property group web content
    - Change in graphics (Whelan property to purchase and provide)
    - Introduction of a significant number of sub pages to the existing pages (approx 8)
    - Introduction of some title pages (approx 3)
    - Addition of links to other Whelan Property pages on some of the title pages
    - Complete content overhaul. (Whelan property group to provide all written content).
    - Amendment of the quote form. Updated quote form to be visible on main quote page (currently linked through button)
    - Addition of an employment form to the new employment sub page
    - Addition of a linked site map
    - Removal of the current data and link for “forms” as these will now be available as general information for all users in the new login page (as per the below).

    Addition of (or other website login, to be provided) to allow users to login to view information based on their user profiles and not be able to see other Strata Plans information.

    Here is an example:

    User goes to and clicks on “Login Button”> User is redirected to . User is able to use login screen to enter another platform that houses our user security etc. remains in wordpress.

    User 1, 4 and 5 login and have access to and visibility of data folder 1 only and some general information that is available to all users such as our internal forms.

    User 3,7 and 6 login and have access to and visibility of data folder 2 only and some general information that is available to all users such as our internal forms.
    and so on...
    - No limit to user profiles that are available
    - No limit to folders available
    - Easy to administer and setup
    - Online password resetting
    - Secure
    - General info available to everyone who logs in (but not the public)
    - Look in feel to be in line with

    Job Type


    Business Card Design

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: £30-£250 GBP
    (Approx. $48-$407 USD)
    Created: 03/24/2011 at 1:35 PKT


    I require a business card design to promote my applications on iTunes.

    I have included my old business card design for you to use the size as a template.

    I would still like to still use the Training Aids badge and the Available on the App Store badge in the new design along with the web address and the apple statement on the back.

    Please can you submit your designs in order for me to make a choice

    Budget £30max


    Data Entry in Excel from PDF files

    Employer Activity on this Job:

    Last Viewed  : Today
    Applicants: 125 (avg $281.50)
    Interviewing: 0


    Job Description

    Note: "Kindly Check attached document before you apply for this job"

    I have US based Hosting Company, and one of my client is having woman hospital.

    I have around 2000 patients PDF files with their reports I want those into Excel sheet.

    Please BID if you are sure. (to apply please check attached word document)

    This can be very long term project. 

    Skills Required:

    Customer Service Assistant: $1.00 per hour only Student

     Status: Open  

    Selected Providers:

    Budget: $30-$250 AUD
    (Approx. $30-$253 USD) 
    Created: 03/23/2011 at 19:13 PKT  



    Customer Service Assistant: $1.00 per hour only (We accept Student)

    The company is a staffing agency that find, handling and providing task to workers to help our customers achieve their goals. The candidates that we need should have data-entry skills that handling Microsoft Office, search engine submission, advertising that includes posting to classified ads, forum posting, and blogging and customer service to our client.

    The requirements:
    High School and College Student, 18-24 years old and without working experience over the internet (Freelance Task)
    Candidates without experience only! We do not accept teams and team leaders that have company
    The company will accept candidates from the following countries; USA, China, South Korea, Singapore and India
    PayPal, Please do not apply if you are from other countries not listed.


    Job Type
    Status: Open Selected Providers:
    Budget: $250-$750 USD
    Created: 03/23/2011 at 19:05 PKT  






    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    Article Posting through Word Press system

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD
    Created: 03/22/2011 at 22:24 PKT  


    We are looking for a freelancer that can post articles to our site using a Word Press management system. This person MUST be reliable & able to post during the day time in the United States and of course familiar with WP. This could develop into a nice part-time job as we have many articles to post per day & growing.


    Extremely urgent German transription work (15mins) Tue 22nd Urgent

    Status: Open 
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD

    Created: 03/22/2011 at 18:07 PKT

    The skill I have described is translation, but this is a transcription of German to German audio, 15 minutes worth, the file is available now and must be completed by 17h00 GMT today (Tue 22nd March). Please contact me urgently if you are a German speaker who is able to complete this simple transcription before this deadline. The deadline must be met and is non-negotiable.


    Monday, 21 March 2011

    2000 Facebook Fans needed for

    Status: Open
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 USD
    Created: 03/22/2011 at 10:09 PKT


    Looking for 2K Facebook Fans for Facebook Page.
    Please bid only if you have experiences in Facebook fans marketing and can access them quickly.

    Project descriptions and requirements:

    - All fans must be real people with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon - NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
    - Would be bonus if Fans are fan of charity and philanthropy.
    - All fans must be 50+ friends
    - Fans must be from: Canada / USA
    - All fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 15 days

    Please use only good practices for inviting fans
    Facebook account must not be banned and kept active.

    You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

    Please provide Information requested below:


    *Proof of prior work will be advantageous, with references.

    * You will be paid 50% after work completed(2000 facebook friends)
    * Final 50% 2 weeks after you are don, to see that fans are real and not disappearing.
    * Any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.
    * Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

    When bidding please include:

    * Price
    * Accurate date of delivery
    * URLS with examples of previous Facebook fan page work

    ONLY SERIOUS BIDS PLEASE! No trials, will be waste of your efforts
    On-Going Relationships and additional projects are OPEN

    Job Type

    Model Importing/Exporting plugins for Blender

    Status: Open
    Selected Providers:
    Budget: $30-$250 CAD
    (Approx. $30-$256 USD)
    Created: 03/22/2011 at 10:12 PKT

    I need to be able to have the ability to import models and export models for a specific game. I need someone who can write a plugin for Blender preferably that can import, and export models (and animations) for said game.