Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Daily Forex Brief London: Tuesday 22nd May 2012

The price action seen on both Friday and also yesterday reflects the fact that, it's all about positioning in the FX markets for the moment. This has been most evident on the euro, not only in the weekly CFTC data which is reflecting a record amount of speculative shorts, but also in the price action. The single currency has pulled away from a threatened break of the year's low, not that surprising after a run which saw EUR/USD up on only two of the last fourteen trading days. The Aussie has also corrected from the recent lows, partially reversing a downtrend of similar style as seen in EUR/USD. Even though the relationship between the two has broken down a little of late, stocks also look set for a second day of gains after the recent down-run. The underlying themes remain in place, namely continued concerns surrounding Greece and the other peripheral eurozone nations, so the current correction should not be aligned with a perception that things are improving underneath, because they are not.

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