Thursday, 24 May 2012

Daily Forex Brief London: Thursday 24th May 2012

Probably not by accident, yesterday's Brussels dinner party of EU leaders ended too late for the European press to pass judgement. There was a weight of expectations, which was largely misplaced given this was an informal meeting to pave the way for the main summit of leaders at the end of next month. The same differences remain on common bonds and the financial transaction tax (UK opposing) and more subtle differences on the growth agenda. Of course, everyone would like more growth but delivering it alongside a program of continued austerity is naturally a different matter and, for now, it remains the impossible dream for European leaders and a balance which Europe (and indeed others) has yet to achieve. In the FX markets, after the push lower through the 1.26 level into the European close yesterday, EUR/USD has held steady overnight, but activity elsewhere shows that dollar-dominance remains the underlying theme.

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