Friday, 25 May 2012

Daily Forex Brief London: Friday 25th May 2012

Markets approach the end of what has been a pretty difficult week. The single currency has made news lows for the year (vs. the USD) and markets have no more faith in the ability of eurozone leaders to quell speculation around a Greek exit as anti-bailout parties retain their lead in the Greek election opinion polls. We've also seen the capitulation of the single currency, something which we talked about earlier this month, where the euro has been the weakest currency in a period of dollar strength, rather than the more traditional high-beta currencies, such as the Aussie. The price action on the single currency this week means that we run the risk of short-covering activity into the weekend. Also, the Swiss franc is worth keeping a small eye on after yesterday's volatility (at least compared to recent activity), which was mostly on the back of - so far - denied rumours of further measures to quell currency strength.

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