Friday, 11 May 2012

Daily Forex Brief London: Friday 11th May 2012

The week is ending in a similar fashion to which it began, namely with markets broadly in retreat from risk. There's little reason to feel that today will be much different. The focus is on Spain and its expected announcement of just how bad the government believes the bad loans situation is for the banking sector there. Meanwhile, Greece is still trying to stitch together a government from the results of the weekend's election. But the verdict in markets for the week as a whole has been a distinct lack of belief in the course that is being taken in Europe, with regards to France and its intended push for growth, together with Greece and its appetite for continued austerity as well as Spain's banking situation. Overnight, we've also seen slightly softer than expected retail sales and production data in China, although inflation was broadly as expected at 3.4%.

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