Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Daily Afternoon Report 28/11/2012 | Forex Trading Analysis

Greece bailout agreement, most of the responding chatter has already been exhausted, and we have been left in today’s European session without a major fundamental story to guide trading. Data showing U.S. consumer confidence at a four-year high also provided a modest boost for the dollar, though a looming budget crisis tempered optimism about the American economy and kept dollar gains in check.
The agreement to provide aid for Greece did not help the market sentiment. In fact, that agreement may fail as the International Monetary Fund did not accept its terms. The inability of the US politicians to find a compromise and avoid the fiscal cliff did not help traders’ confidence either.
The Australian dollar fell against the Japanese yen and the US dollar yesterday and remained soft today. Like its Canadian counterpart, the Aussie managed to strengthen versus the euro.

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