Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Daily Afternoon Report 30/10/2012

Subsequent to a meeting in Berlin, France Finance Minister Moscovici and http://jobsmoney.blogspot.com/Minister Schaeuble declared that they are aiming for a solution to Greece by November. They both want to see Greece remains in the Euro-zone, and the solution will be discussed more in tomorrow’s Euro-group meeting. Schaeuble refused to comment on the size of the funding gap in Greece, but added that they can’t go in the opposite direction on debt reduction. Moscovici said he doesn’t want to reopen the discussion on Euro bonds.
The amount of people out of work in Germany now totals 2.94 million. The German economy has suffered because of the Euro debt crisis, and the GDP only rose 0.3% in the second quarter. Germany is the largest economy in the Euro and signs of economic suffering are Euro negative in forex markets.
Clearly, the largest story of the day is Hurricane Sandy and its impact on the East Coast of the US. It is appraised that the damages are coming up to 20 billion dollars from the hurricane and US stock markets will remain closed today, the US markets might reopen tomorrow.  

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